Innovation & Research


Innovation & Research

VaaaN boasts of a world class In-House Research & Development facility. Our dedicated engineering team is constantly innovating to update existing technology while simultaneously developing new and more efficient solutions to facilitate an ever-growing work environment.

The organization provides intelligent, economical, scalable and sustainable solutions for traffic and transportation to make road travel predictable, safer and seamless.

A holistic approach unique to every project, building customized solutions for each partner is our promise. Bringing the best Highways & urban Intelligent Transportation Systems, Industrial Systems and associate services.

Our strongest feature is In-House Capacity for
  • Hardware Design & Development / R&D
  • Software Design & Development / R&D
  • Solutions Installation & Integration
  • Testing, Training and Quality Assurance
  • Personnel Training Facilities
VaaaN’s unique offering:
  • Seamless integration of multiple Technologies/New Products
  • Speedy scale-up
  • Unmatched domain knowledge
  • Long-term maintenance
  • 24×7 Customer Service & Support
  • End-to-end on-ground project support & execution by on-site teams

Armed with the experience of executing large scale projects in India with its byzantine terrains, high road density, multifarious vehicle types, making its traffic the most complex to manage and monitor, no challenge is too hard for VaaaN.