Network and Equipment Monitoring System


Network and Equipment Monitoring System

Network and Equipment Monitoring System

Network and Equipment Monitoring System

VaaaN’s Network & Equipment Monitoring System enables viewing of status of equipment on a map with colour coding indicating Operational / Non-Operational as well as compute SLA requirements of the equipment. To achieve this, interface to the equipment to derive operational status is the key to providing this dashboard on a map. Often equipment which are disconnected from the network tend to be indicated as non-operational but availability of such tools is useful in identifying whether the issue is related to network or, equipment. VaaaN’s NMS is flexible to monitor & manage heterogeneous network equipment in public, private environment which helps IT teams to diagnose and resolve network and equipment issues.

Key features:

Ø Used in ATMS, Toll Plazas, Surveillance System, Smart City etc

Ø Use SNMP protocol to Monitor the Network and other Manageable Devices

Ø Easy to integrate with 3rd party Devices

Ø Custom Reporting as per Requirement

Ø Web based application to Monitor the Network

Ø 24/7 operation and minimal maintenance

Ø Add and remove the devices in easily

Ø Notification via email, SMS & provision to interface

Ø Advanced Alarm filters

Ø Scalable when needed

Ø Proactive against the network failure

Ø GUI based Configuration module

Ø  Manual Audit Module for downtime validation

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