Life at VaaaN

Life @ VaaaN

VaaaN truly believes in inculcating a vibrant culture that looks beyond work and engages its employees in various activities. Its approach is to follow a systematic sustainable and participative model by actively involving employees, soliciting ideas and encouraging employee involvement. It is increasingly focused on helping employees build their talents and skills through extensive training and development programs, while remaining committed to helping them maintain a work-life balance. The company believes that only those employees who are continuously engaged with it in their hearts and minds will bring success both in their professional and private lives. That is why VaaaN constantly strives to improve its work environment.

The VaaaN HR has a rich basket of employee-related activities ranging from stress management — via festive celebrations and monthly “Fun Fridays” — to performance and self-enhancement via training and brainstorming sessions that help employees grow personally and professionally.

One rich tradition the has quickly built up at VaaaN is that newcomers are encouraged to leverage their past professional experiences into molding work practices so as to evolve to more improved levels. This has not only helped new employees integrate quickly and seamlessly but also served advantageously for the company as it benefits from their valuable perspectives and insights experienced in their previous jobs. VaaaN employees have a broad range of opportunities to build on their existing skills working in a collegial environment on innovative solutions.


Together We Grow

Every VaaaN employee will tell you that the company’s work culture inspires her or him every single day. The company offers its employees an opportunity to be a full member of a winning team that is big on empowerment and innovation. Its employees find the work environment challenging, open, engaging, collaborative and creative. The best part is that there is a mix of profound experience and young talent. While the former provides decades of invaluable insight and inspiration to the latter, the latter help the former stay ahead of every curve. In short: a win-win.