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Toll Management System

Toll Management System

Toll Management System

tollMax is an Integrated & Automated Toll Collection System specifically

tollMax is an Integrated & Automated Toll Collection System specifically created for Indian companies with easy conversion for global usage. This is a mission critical function, as it channels monetary transactions of the order of over $1 Billion every day.

The system has zero tolerance for outage, operates round-the-clock, 365 days a year. The validation of passes and exemptions as approved by the GoI has also been made easy, saving losses in violations or run-throughs.

TollMax Features

  • Real-time monitoring & control by HQ Monitoring System
  • Open & scalable architecture
  • Modular & 100% Audit-able
  • Constant technological upgrade and assimilation
  • Integration of external entities (payment gateways, CCH, etc.)
  • Integrated with WIM & Static Scales
  • Multiple Payment Modes (Cash/ Smart Cards/ Credit Card/ ETC)

TollMax Unique Features

  • MIND
  • AVC

MIND - Management Information & Notification Dashboard

MIND (Management Information and Notification Dashboard) is an android and iOS based mobile application which provides real time all MIS related data to TMS concessionaire on their mobile phone.

TMS concessionaires can see their plazas real-time traffic, revenue, violation, exemption and trend analysis. Notification for shift summary is generated at end of shift.

  • All projects can be monitored through single mobile app
  • User role rights based information and project display
  • MIS report summary
  • Generate shift based notifications
  • Real time data
  • Graphical views for data


RADAR Remote Auto Diagnostic & Advanced Resolution

RADAR is a centralized tool for real time monitoring and controlling the hardware and software installed on toll plazas.

RADAR as the name suggest, detect and generated the real time alerts and event for critical events occurred on toll sites which would be recognized by backend support team or the monitoring team, and resolution for the same would be informed to site engineer.

  • Real Time Data
  • Easy Management
  • Multiple sites monitored
  • Timely Issue escalation


AVC Automatic Vehicle Classification

The core of our Toll Management System, AVC validates the toll collector and provides management and auditing for better monitoring and controls.

  • Its PIC-32-bit Microcontroller enables high-rate data transfer and processing
  • Guarantees Acute Data Security, Higher Reliability and Ease of Use
  • Powered by a battery bank, AVC records traffic data even during power outages.