Traffic Management Control System

Road Tunnel Systems

Traffic Management Control System

Traffic Management Control System

Traffic Management Control System

The Traffic Management Control System (TMCS) component in Road Tunnels consist of various sub-systems which act at feeds to the Tunnel Control Room to monitor, control & ensure safety inside the tunnel.

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VaaaN's TMCS System orchestrates various complementary technologies to increase situational awareness and acts as a Decision Support System for Operators in the Tunnel Control Room. The solution helps to proactively manage vehicular movement inside the tunnel in a safe manner as well as enables one/two-way information flow between the Control Room and the Commuter. It also consists of sub-systems which enhance the travel experience of the commuter inside the tunnel.

TMCS sub-systems

Surveillance & Incident Detection:

Manual Surveillance by Operators in Control Room with PTZ Cameras inside tunnel

Automatic Video Incident Detection System (VIDS) with Fixed CCTV cameras inside the Tunnel

Automatic Traffic Counter and Classifier (ATCC) to monitor traffic pattern as well as provide class-wise traffic entry and exit from the tunnel.

Speed Violation Detection System to penalize errant over-speeding commuters


Variable Message Signage (VMS) to visually provide information to commuters from the Control Room

Variable Speed Limit Signage (VSLS) to convey Speed Limit inside the Tunnel which may be modified by Control Room Operators based on Situational Awareness.

Advisory, Traffic Lights & Lane Control Signages to indicate exit paths, emergency routes for exit, as well as indicate lane closure or, tunnel closure - controlled by Control Room Operator.

Motorist Emergency Telephones provide means for a commuter in distress to talk to a Control Room Operator and seek assistance

Public Announcement System allows the Control Room Operator to announce instructions which is especially useful in case of a disaster situation like fire or, detection of abnormal level of smoke/gases or, any other emergency 

Radio re-broadcast System enhances AM, FM, VHF and UHF RF signals inside the tunnel. The VHF & UHF frequencies are used by Patrol Teams as well as Emergency Services like Ambulance, Fire Brigade and Police and is useful for coordination amongst them so that Incident Management is ensured in an efficient and effective manner should an emergency occur inside the tunnel. In normal cases, AM-FM re-broadcast ensures that a commuter continues to listen to the radio station to which it is tuned. In emergency situation, AM, FM broadcast from the Control Room is also featured as part of this sub-system so that commuters who are tuned in can listen to instructions passed from the Control Room.

Boom Barriers provides means to close the tunnel if situational awareness so demands or, in case of routine maintenance activities.

Vehicle Over-Height Detectors are placed around a kilometer away from the entry to the tunnel so that if any over-sized vehicle is detected, requisite action is taken by the operational staff to restrict entry of that vehicle inside the tunnel to avoid damage and ensure safety of men and material.