Advanced Traffic Management System

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Advanced Traffic Management System

Advanced Traffic Management System

Advanced Traffic Management System

Advanced Traffic Management System is a comprehensive platform of traffic management that covers monitoring, control and safety on highways.

VaaaN's ATMS is a combination of various complementary technologies which increase situational awareness, providing a comprehensive picture of what is coming down the road at any given time. This solution helps to proactively manage the transportation network and enhance the travel experience for commuters.

VaaaN has delivered ATMS projects on India's longest expressway (Agra-Lucknow Expressway), India's widest Expressway (Delhi-Meerut Expressway), India's most advanced ITS (Eastern Peripheral Expressway) amongst many others,

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Advanced Traffic Management System Features

Automatic Traffic Counter & Classifier (ATCC)

- Video based non-intrusive Traffic Counting & Classification

- Works on the Machine Learning algorithms

- Ability to transfer real-time data on OFC and/or GSM networks

- In-built memory to store classification data for over a month, depending on the traffic conditions.

Emergency Call Box (ECB)

Used by the Road user in distress to contact & inform the Highway Control Center about any unfavorable situations. The information is passed upon to initiate a response or facilitate the User in distress. Generally located at every 2 km on either side of the highway

Meteorological System

MET station is a facility with instruments and equipment to make observations of atmospheric conditions including temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction. Each meteorological Station consist of set of sensors that comprises of thermocouple/pyrometer, humidity meter, anemometer, visibility meter, pavement surface temperature measuring equipment and Data processing Computer.

Mobile Radio Communication System

- Comprises of mobile radio base stations & handheld devices used for communicating with persons in the time of need

- It shall also have provision for mounting mobile set on ambulances, & patrolling vehicles.

Surveillance System

- Pan, Tilt & Zoom Close Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras are used for Highway Surveillance.

- Cameras are mounted at a height so as to cover the target length of highway.

- 360-degree angular travel in the horizontal plane and a tilt of 90 degrees down from 0 degrees horizontal.

Automatic Incident Management System

- Video Incident Detection System allows more than 12 automated events/alarms to be generated using an Artificial Intelligence based algorithm 

Spot & Section Speed Violation Detection System

- Detection of spot speed of vehicle using equipment installed on a Gantry. The Gantry mounted equipment transmits the spot speed of vehicles to associated Control Room where parameters of system reported over-speeding vehicles are re-verified prior sending the information with proof to enforcement agencies for penalty collection

- Detection of average speed of vehicle using equipment installed between multiple Gantries on the monitored highway stretch.

- Detection of average speed of vehicle using equipment installed between multiple Toll Plazas on the monitored highway stretch.

- Vehicle Actuated Speed Display

Speed Display System

- RADAR based classification and long range detection of vehicular speeds and their display

- Provides feedback to commuters

Variable Message Sign

VMS are used to provide requisite information to the road users to improve their safety and travel experience.

Command & Control Center

CCR facilitates the user to navigate the highway system by providing real time traffic data. This is done by integrating and processing all the data received from field equipment which ensures proper on-time reaction to any type of situation, assuring maximum safety of road users.

Other associated in-house software used in tandem with the Command and Control System Software are Traffic Penalty Ticketing e-challaning software, Travel Time Estimation System (TTES), Network and Equipment Monitoring System - including SLA Monitoring software as well as Mobile Apps for Commuter, Patrol team, Enforcement Agency & Highway Authorities.